Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day +7

Day +7 has not been a great day. Katlyn woke up feeling sick. She barely ate any breakfast and then had a nap due to the dose of gravol she needed due to nausea. She finally woke up around noon but hardly ate or drank much all day. She stayed in bed and you could tell she was so tired. Her gut seems to have calmed down today anyways. After supper she complained of a headache. We gave her Tylenol and she was sick right away. Gave her Tylenol again and she dozed off a bit. Woke up and was sick two more times. The nurse gave her another dose of gravol and so now she sleeps. The nurses warned us day +8 was when children usually get sickest. Her cyclosporin dosage was increased today so maybe the headache and nausea could be from that, or it may be the chemo. We are hoping that when she wakes up she feels much better. I really missed her smile today. Please pray for little Katlyn.