Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day +23

Day +23 is a great day!! Katlyn woke up this morning feeling sleepy, but not nauseous. She quickly got some breakfast in and then proceeded to take 12 pills. She barely complained about taking them at all. She had a morning snack and lunch was a success. Her tastes buds are back so things are starting to be delicious again. Nothing sweeter for us right now than hearing our baby girl say "I'm hungry" or "I feel great." You can see it. There is more life to her and she is all smiley. What a blessing!!! She has hardly said much about her stomach today, so here's hoping the nausea is going away. The doctor has continued to take her off the IV meds and starting tomorrow we will start to pull back the hydration. Johnathan had a great idea to have the nurse write down all of Katlyn's meds and try to rearrange some to make it easier for Katlyn. Cyclosporin alone is 8 pills and MMF is another 2. These two pills have to be taken at then same times everyday and are super important in preventing gvhd. So here we are trying to get 12 pills into her and then she has her regular pills as well. We looked at what she has and shuffled it around a bit so that she can focus on just those and the other meds are throughout the day. Trust me when I say, she is one full girl after 12 pills. Also, Katlyn has been taking allegra for quite awhile not because she was breaking out in hives all of the time for some unknown reason. The allegra prevented Katlyn from breaking out in hives at all. We asked the doctor if we could try taking this away since she has done so well for so long, and we are in a safe place to do this. He agreed that is would be a good idea. Any allergies that Katlyn used to have may be different now anyway since she has a brand new immune system. Speaking of her immune stem. All is looking great. Every morning is so exciting for us. If the numbers stay the same than its just confirmation that all is well, and if anything goes up then it CHRISTMAS!!! Her neutrophils today were 200, lymphocytes 100, and the platelets and hemoglobin continue to go up. It's amazing. We are so pleased with how well Katlyn is doing.