Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day +21

Day +21 I got to say that Katlyn is doing amazing!! A true blessing. Today her neutrophils are 300. Her white blood cells continue to double each day, her hemoglobin and platelets appear to be rising on their own. Things are progressing a lot faster than Johnathan or I ever imagined they would. Each morning is exciting to see her cells at the same count or going up. As I mentioned before, once her neutrophils reach 500 she will be a little more safe and feeling a lot better. Neutrophenia leaves Katlyn very susceptible to bacteria infection. Its so amazing because Katlyn had so much difficulty reaching 500 before, and here were are just a little closer everyday. With Katlyn's platelets being to a safer level today we have asked the nurse to get in touch with the message therapist and ask if they can come visit. The art therapist is finally back from vacation as spent sometime with Katlyn yesterday. The music therapist will be back next week. The nausea continues to be a problem for Katlyn and trying to get her to eat is a constant fight. This morning I even made her some cinnamon buns and to my surprise she still doesn't want to eat. On the plus side though we are starting to take all the IV drugs away and starting to introduce everything by pill. Cyclosporin is already a success with 8 pills in the morning and 8 at night. Today we will be switching MMF, another med to prevent gvhd. This pill will be 3 times a day. There are a few more meds and vitamins she has been getting by pill as well, but after today the only med that will remain by IV zantac. Then we will slowly reduce the amount of hydration by IV and increase by mouth. Because the cyclosporin is toxic to the kidneys it will be important for Katlyn to drink 2.5 liters of fluid a day. I cannot even believe we are to this point already. Aside from the nausea Katlyn is doing perfect!!! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. It is greatly appreciated!!!