Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sorry I have neglected Katlyn's blog for so long. We have just been so busy with life and have not had much time. Katlyn is doing extremely well. She has been sick twice now and both times, she was able to fight it all on her own...with no complications. The biggest thing I noticed is that it takes her longer to fight something off, but she has showed us that she is capable of fighting at least a little bit. Her counts are still low. We used to worry a lot about neautrophils, but Katlyn's neautrophils are more in the normal range. Her lymphocytes however, remain low for now. The good news is that Katlyn's cells, although a low number of them, function normally.
So as I mentioned in my last entry, Katlyn had her first surgery. The surgery was a success. According to two pathologist reports, the whole tumor is gone!!!!! The good news is we got away with taken a smaller border with the advice of a Moh's surgeon here. Because the tumors are so small, he wanted to see if we could get it all with a smaller border, and it worked. So we are looking at removing 1 or 2 about every six months. The surgery itself didn't really seem to bother Katlyn a bit. She never complained of the pain. If you asked her about it, she would say that it hurt but that she was okay. MY LITTLE TROOPER!!! So we have an appointment next week with Katlyn's doctors in Saint John to discuss what our next plan is. After that I imagine we'll book her next surgery.
Katlyn has been really enjoying life. We have been letting her do more and more things lately. She has also been playing a lot more with children her own age. We have however, put some stuff on hold temporarily while we watch this swine flu thing. Before if I needed to go somewhere and Katlyn was with me, she would come too. She was in Wal-Mart just the other day picking out her very first big girl bike...which I must add she's seems to have mastered already. But this swine flu thing has forced us to take a step back. Hopefully it will just blow over and is something that we don't have to worry about much, but we don't want to take any chances.
In other news Johnathan and I got hitched on April 27. It's something we have been wanting to do for a long time now, but we were just waiting for the right time. We have been together for more than seven years, and stuff just kept coming up. Most importantly we wanted Katlyn to be able to be there with us for such a special day. So we decided to have a very small, but very special wedding. That way our girl could be there too!
Other than that we are just enjoying the sun and the new house. Johnathan is currently outside this morning building a deck on the front of our house. I already have him booked afterward to build me a garden box, a garbage box and maybe more! We'll see! We are trying to get our yard in order so that we can have some grass. It's a huge yard though, and it's going to take lots of time and patience, but we are loving it!!! Especially Katlyn!!!!