Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day +10

So the transfusion went pretty well yesterday with no complications. Katlyn did have three separate episodes of nausea and vomiting and headaches were bothersome. Usually we try Tylenol first for the headaches and then hope it worsts but it has been obvious that it does not work. The pain is too much, and we really don't want Katlyn in pain, so we have decided to go right for the morphine. The dosage they have Katlyn on is perfect. She does not fall asleep. It does seem to cause some nausea at first, but today no vomiting. When Katlyn woke up this morning it became apparent that her throat was very very sore. She wouldn't even speak. When someone's neutrophils get very very low like Katlyns are right now, they become susceptible to mucositis. This is a known and very common side effect of chemotherapy. The nurse gave her morphine and now she is sitting here playing video game, eating fruit loops and drinking milk. Her white blood cells are completely wiped, so when her neutrophils start to come back the mucositis should get better and better. Her hemoglobin is fine today but her platelets are low, so it looks like she will be receiving a transfusion of platelets.