Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day +26

Day +26 I honestly cannot even imagine being happier than I am right now. Funny thing is, as Katlyn's cells grow we are just going to be happier and happier. Katlyn got woken up this morning very early because they need her to take her MMF every 8 hours for some bloodwork to make sure she is getting proper dosage for her immune suppressants. Waking Katlyn up so early was kind of harsh for a little girl who is so tired, but the nurse decided to soften the blow by showing us Katlyn's bloodwork. She has already reached 700 neutrophils and 200 lymphocytes. We immediately called dad. Her platelets are now in the normal range as well, and we are just waiting for the hemoglobin to come up too (it will). So one more day of neutrophils and we can ditch the gowns, and masks!! I will be able to finally give my babes a kiss again. They are also removing the rest of Katlyn's hydration today . This means that she will only have one line giving her magnesium. She no longer has any medications running through it either. Very soon she will not need to be hooked up at all!! Her magnesium levels are low, but not danger low. They are trying to maintain a good level with a drug that holds the magnesium in Katlyn's body longer. They could just give her magnesium by mouth, but it causes diarrhea Because Katlyn has norovirus and problems already, we don't want to make that situation worse. Eventually Katlyn's lymphocytes will be able to fight off the norovirus, but not yet. With immune suppressants we will, in about 5 more months time, slowly turn her immune system on. Right now we are suppressing it so that it can adapt to its new environment and protect Katlyn, rather than fight against her. This immune suppressant is used to prevent graft versus host disease or gvhd. Today is a great day!! Thanks so much to everyone for your continued prayers and support. Keep it coming!!!!