Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day +2

Katlyn was in great spirits all day. I did however notice she did seem a lot more tired today. I imagine the chemotherapy and immune-suppressants, being the necessary evil that they are, are taking a toll on Katlyn's little body. Last night I spoke with the nutritionist and she explained that right now it is just important to get Katlyn eating, and what she eats is less important. So when I brought Katlyn her supper today and she turned her nose up, I asked her if she wanted me to go and make her a grill cheese sandwich. It's not just as simple as making a grill cheese sandwich. For starters I do not have all the cooking equipment I do at home, but I have to be incredibly careful as Katlyn no longer has any protection in her body. She can get sick so easily. I am careful all the time since Katlyn is immune compromised, but having to be this careful scares me. There is a toaster oven in the patient kitchen. So I lined the toaster oven with tinfoil. I had bought a loaf of bread for Katlyn when we first came. Now the proper way to store something like bread is to divide it into ziplock bags in the freezer. I had already planned for this too. The kitchen cannot make Katlyn a grilled cheese sandwich and send it up to me, but the can send me little individual butter and a slice of cheese. So there I was. I fully cleaned my work station and assembled her grill cheese. The proper way to travel to her room with her food is in one of those plate holders with the covers. I had save one from one of her previous meals so I had it all clean and ready to go. I did not have an oven mitt to grab the tray or a spatula to flip or get the grill cheese. I used paper towel to grab the tray and I used a plastic fork and spoon to get the grill cheese. At that point I had a package of utensils and I had already used the knife to spread the butter on the bread. LOL!!! I brought the tray to Katlyns room and cleaned it all off and then served it to her. In a matter of only a few minutes it was gone, and she was asking for a new one. This time I grabbed a couple of extra knives from Katlyns room (I have a sealed bag full), and off I went for round 2. It worked out a lot better, but next time John runs to the store I'm going to add a couple of extra items to his list to make my life easier. Katlyn then started to ask about me making her some kraft dinner. I can, but its not a simple task and I honestly don't know if she would like it. I would cook as normal but then when I add the package of cheese, I then have to cook for and additional 10 mins or put in oven at 350 for 10 mins. This is to kill any bacteria that may be in that package of cheese. Things are a lot stricter while Katlyn is in the hospital, but they will not lighten up much for awhile after we are home. It's usually about 6 months after transplant. We don't want to take any chances. So today Katlyn did have some nausea and the nurse had to give her some gravel as it had been too soon since she had had her other anti-nausea med. This of course put her to sleep, but she did no longer feel sick. They seem to be doing a good job so far being proactive in preventing any problems, and managing her symptoms well with meds. Also, Johnathan and I have to agree that we have no met a nurse yet we didn't like. This hospital is truly amazing. She is in good hands, and to top it off she has great parents watching out for her.