Friday, August 29, 2014

Day +29

Day +29 So much great news to report today. Kaltyns neutrophils are at 900 today which means that she has been above 500 long enough to no longer be neutrophenic and we can finally ditch the gowns and masks. Yup that's right. We've been able to give our girl some real smooches today. The doctor was telling Katlyn this morning that he was very proud and impressed with all of her hard work. She has been going outside for short trips, although she does wear a mask because there is construction in the area and we don't want her to get a fungal infection. Over the last couple of days they have started to give Katlyn magnesium by mouth and reduced her hydration, so that she no longer has to be hooked up by IV. So there is no more lugging her pole around except for her IVIG infusions which are a few hours once a week. Next week, as long as Katlyn's neutrophils are to 1000, they are going to perform a test called chimerism. This blood test will tell us how many of those beautiful cells are donor cells. We hope and pray for 100% donor cells. This would confirm engraftment and so far a successful transplant. They have also switched cyclosporin for tacrolimus. This is great news for Katlyn because the cyclosporine was 9 pills in the am and 9 in the pm. With this new med, so far it's 2 tiny pills in the am and two in the pm. So with all the being said, if Katlyn progress keeps in this same direction, it looks like we will be headed home soon. Potentially as early as next week. We will have many precautions to keep Katlyn safe, but she will be in the comfort of her own home. She will eat and sleep better and I just know she will be happier there. She will have many followup appointments at both at the IWK and the DECH. She has an amazing team of doctors that have brought her this far, and I just know she is going to be in good hands. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!!!