Monday, August 11, 2014

Day +11

So good news is that Katlyn does not need a transfusion today. Her last transfusions were enough to hold her over until now. Her bilirubin is elevated so she will be having an ultrasound tomorrow. This is normal because of all the drugs she is receiving and all the toxicity from the chemotherapy. The bilirubin often goes up, but we will be doing the test just to be on the safe side and make sure Katlyn's liver is ok. She is still having a hard time eating because her throat is so sore, it makes it very difficult to swallow. To help her with this, we give her morphine so that she is able to eat. You can tell she is in a lot of pain too. The morphine does not make Katlyn loopy or drowsy and that is because it is the perfect dose to help with her pain. Nausea is still a problem but so far today she has not vomited. She is getting zofran for nausea treatment all the time so it sometimes helps, and if it doesn't we turn to gravol. Gravol is not all always ideal because it makes Katlyn fall asleep. The nutritionist is happy with what Katlyn has been eating even though a lot of it is junk food. She told us to just feed her lots of food, as long as its within the neutropenia guidelines, and we can hopefully avoid having to do a feeding tube. We met with Katlyn's doctors today and were told that engraftment usually starts day +14-21, so until then we wait. This will be when Katlyn starts to get some of her cells back. YAY!!! Katlyn has been getting lots of mail, which has been uplifting. Today I could tell she was feeling a little down, and now she is busy working away on a making a story book. Her teacher was so kind and sent her these little blank story books. Its unbelievable to see how kind people have been to my daughter during this very difficult time. I can tell she feels so special opening each envelope and package. She reads all of your kind words and smiles and giggles. Thanks you so much for the lovely gift of support.