Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day +1 ( one day late)

Day +1 was a pretty good day. Katlyn and Johnathan had been up for most of the night before but they were in good spirits. I can tell Katlyn is having problems with her stomach but hopefully it resolves itself quickly. We have been told for the weekend to focus less on making sure Katlyn gets the right balance of the right foods and more on getting enough calories. She does not have much of an appetite and I hate it. She is still eating though, and we still have not had to turn to a feeding tube. They watch her weight and intake and outtake very closely. Today katlyn got her ivig, which she will continue to receive every week. At one point today Katlyns blood pressure was high, so they gave her medicine to lose it, And then hours later it was low. My mind was put at ease tonight though when it was back to normal. I also do notice that she has been getting a lot of headaches too, but overall she is doing well. Better than I expected, and she has a good attitude for most of the day.