Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day +13

Day +13 was a little better than yesterday. Katlyn is still talking about needing a wig. Her hair is falling out way too fast. She literally pulls out chunks of it. She never cried about it today though. We kept telling her how beautiful she is. I explained at one point today that what she is going through is very hard, and most people could not go through this, and how she still manages to put a smile on her face is amazing. Her losing her hair was a symbol of this time and how brave she has been. I can tell it bothers her. Her platelets and hemoglobin were at good enough levels to not need a transfusion again today. The platelets are dropping quickly though so I imagine she will need a transfusion probably tomorrow. The nutritionist was pleased again today with what Katlyn ate yesterday, and once again she managed to avoid the feeding tube. She is working so hard. Even with her sore throat and now swollen gums, she still tries her hardest. She did need to have morphine twice today for pain but I think her throat might of felt a little better today. She just didn't seem to be in as much pain. She did have a few moments of nausea but no vomiting. Once again she received some lovely mail, and it is so amazing to watch her face light up as she reads all the messages of support. It also is quite overwhelming to see how many people are supporting us through this very difficult time. I've always believe that part of being healthy is positive thinking and smiling. It is toxic to worry and be sad. All of these wonderful cards, letters and packages are sure uplifting. Thanks so much.