Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day +6

Sometimes it is hard to find the time to write because even though we are trapped in a hospital all day, we are extremely busy. There are just so many preventative things we must do to keep Katlyn healthy. For instance, she must have cream applied all over twice a day, lip stuff twice a day, two separate mouth washes four times a day. We are tracking everything she eats and drinks on one sheet of paper, and everything that she drinks and her output on another piece of paper. On top of that we are meeting with a few doctors each day, several specialists, trying to keep our eye on everyone that comes around Katlyn, keep Katlyn calm and entertained and struggling with her eating, and course fitting in making sure we get a little bit of food once in awhile. Yesterday was extermly hectic. As I mentioned in my previous post, Katlyn tested positive for norovirus. Well, in this unit before you enter the actual patients room, there is a prep room. This rooms allows you to put on your gown, mask, wash your hands and clean anything off that you need to bring in this room. Well, with Katlyn's room we shared this prep room with the room next to us. This becomes a problem when Katlyn not only tested positive for norovirus, but especially since she is stooling and there is another immune compromised patient next to us sharing this space. So we were told that Katlyn would have to change rooms. I totally understand and I think it is great that they take measures to make sure all patients are safe. It just gives me a little more piece of mind. Not an easy task though. Everything that went into Katlyn's room had to be cleaned before it went in there. We did not want to have to go through the whole cleaning everything off once again, so we decided to put everything in pillow cases and transport it all over to her new room. So now we have found a new home for everything. We are loving the new room as it is larger and more comfortable and has a great view!! We have met with Katlyns doctors about her progress so far and she is moving along just as planned. She is having the problem with maybe norovirus or maybe chemotherapy on her gut, or even a combination of both. Other than that Katlyn is a smiley little girl, anxious to get better. The doctor this morning was quite surprised to see how well Katlyn. She thought she was going to see a sick little girl. Instead she sees Katlyn smiling and chowing down on ham and waffles. LOL!!! They say day +8 is typically the worst. One of her doctors said Katlyn might not get any sicker from chemotherapy because of the low dose. Fingers crossed that's the case. Please continue to pray for my little sweetheart. It is so warming to know we have so many people who care behind us. p.s. These pics are of Katlyn's new room and that little prep room I was writing about.