Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day +4

Day +4 was a pretty good day. Despite all that Katlyn goes through, she still manages to put a smile on our face. Katlyn and I were awoken super early this morning by this stranger in Katlyn's room. I was so confused. I jumped out of bed and ran over to Katlyn. The lady and Katlyn's nurse explained that her PICC line was not working and they had tried to get blood from it as well as infuse and one of the lines had stopped. I was a little annoyed that no one had woken me up and asked the nurse to try again then as her line was sometimes positional. It worked. And then had to draw out all the cath-flo that she had put into the line to try and open it up. Katlyn did have this same nurse today and I explained to her that we want to be woken up of anything is going wrong. Honestly, I was a little shocked that I was not woken up for any of this. Katlyn was totally freaked out. In the end she did not have to have blood taken except from her line. Katlyn's doctor came to visit today to let us know that Katlyn is doing very well. Everything is going as planned. She is having some problems with her frequent and high volume stool, which is hard to pinpoint for sure the cause. He said it may be the chemotherapy and how Katlyn's stomach is so irritated from the norovirus. Awww....yess the Norovirus. The pecky stupid virus is still there. The previous test was a negative, but as a precaution they are testing and retesting here. They have checked for almost everything they can think of including rotavirus and c-diff and of course norovirus. Apparently this pesky virus can really hide out. Hopefully the virus does not flare up and the increase in stool is the chemotherapy alone. Hopefully norovirus keeps at bay and then Katlyn's immune system gets stronger and finally fights it forever. LOL!!! Speaking of the new immune system. Katlyn said this evening...imagine if the man that gave me the immune system knew karate and then my new immune system karate chopped the norovirus out. HERE's HOPING!!!! So for now we continue to struggle with Katlyns intake and outtake of food and fluid and hope this calms down. She does have moments of nausea, but she is still eating her necessary calories. Please pray that Katlyn's little body and mind will keep strong through all of this. Thank you all for the support and kindness.