Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well I gotta say today was another amazing day. Before I give a summary of our day I'd like to mention that Kaylyn's neutrophils are 1700!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! 1500 is normal so I am just so excited. I could tell today was going to be good even before she had the blood drawn. If she stays above 1000, then gene therapy will be the road we are going to take. Then the question of where we'll g comes into play. I have no preference. I just want our little girl to go home and get back to living a normal life.

John came back today so he spent most his day driving. Katlyn and I had a blast. She played on her mat most of the day. I can't believe how fast she's learning. She'll stand all by herself. Before we knw it that girl will be running around and that will be so exciting but also a problem. I know how hard it is right now to contain her. She needs to live as normal as possible, but not being able to touch the flor is a challenge. Right now we figured out how to accomodate her, but when she starts walking it's going to be a whole new world. I don't know what we'll do to ensure she is safe as well able to develop on track.

I also think it's pretty funny how she'll drive her along saying "vroom." She'll also sit very quietly reading a book, flipping the pages, and pointing at stuff. It's so great. Our girl is so smart!!!!

Katlyn was able to try pudding for the first time today, and that was a blast. She seemed to enjoy that nice creamy chocolatey surprise. Saying mmmmm....all the way. We had to get Katlyn soy pudding because she is on a lactose-free diet. I'm not really convinced that Katlyn in lactose intolerant. However, ever since we switched her formula a few months it has so much with stoos and bum rashes. Basically it seemed as though it was sugary acid that she was drinking. My theory beind it is why wake a sleeping giant??? Meaning if there's no problem, I don't want to take any risks right now. She's happy and therefore I'm happy too. After she was done eating her pudding I gave it to her and let her play. It was so messy, but so much fun. I had created a lot of work for myself cleaning up that mess, but it was totally worth it. Anything is worth seeing that toothy smile all the time.

The weather here was very nice today. It would have been a perfect day to take Katlyn for a walk. I really can't wait for those days to come. It will be so great for her to get a nice breath of fresh air after being stuck in this place for so long.