Monday, March 26, 2007

Uplifting News

Today was a very exciting day for us. Katlyn's neutrophils were 3300!!!!! She has never been that high before. I just couldn't believe it. When I saw the 3.3 on the screen I thought one of two things was happening. Either she was sick for the numbers to be so high, or there was just some kind of mistake. I just couldn't wait to talk to her doctor to make sure everything was okay, and when I saw the huge smile on his face I knew a dream had come true.

Dr. Issekutz told me that he was still waiting to here back from Maryland on a date. He said that distance wasn't going to be a factor in deciding where we go. We will be choosing the place that will take Katlyn the soonest. I asked him if he was pretty optimistic that Katlyn would be going with the gene therapy and he is. GOOD, GOOD!!!!

I am just so excited. I really have this great feeling inside me that we will be going really soon. I've already started to pack some stuff up to be sent home with John. The way I see it is if we're not using it then there's no sense in it being here anyway. We have so much stuff here, it's so crazy. You wouldn't believe the amount of things we've accumulated in the 7 months that we've been here. Besides if we get the same kind of notice that we got the last time we were supposed to go, we'll have day not weeks to get ready. I can remember how quickly Maryland wanted Katlyn there. I just don't want to be all stressed out trying to do this and do that. We have so much to do like for example get our taxes done. I'm probably just going to send our stuff to an accountant. I'm so scared to do something wrong. It's different than last year because we have all these hospital expenses to claim.

Katlyn is doing really great. She took a couple of steps for Debbie, a Godsend from Child Life, today and I missed it. But Debbie agreed with me that our girl will be walking really soon. She said that it seems as though Katlyn is taking her time with it, a perfectionist as usual.. I think she take after her mother for that one. She said that a lot of children rush themselves into it and therefore are always falling down, almost like their feet are going to fast for their body. She said Katlyn taking her time is a good thing and it's right around the corner. It will be so exciting.

So all is good in Katlyn Land today. She will get her PEG ADA injection tomorrow and next week she'll get an IV put in for some more IVIG. Dr. Issekutz said he was also going to order some blood work to see the effects of the PEG ADA on Katlyn's system are going good. I should say so!!!!