Monday, March 12, 2007

I cant send a lt of time working on the blog tonight. I am so tired. Katlyn just went to sleep. I think her teeth are bother her. She was fussing while holding her mouth so I gave a bit of oragel. When I was rubbing it on her gum she was chewing down on my finger and it hurt in a couple of places in her mouth. The teeth are just below the gumline and ready to pop out at anytime.

Hopefuly tomorrow I will have some good news. Katlyn get's her bloodwork of her cbc done. I really hpe her neutrophils are good. I think that they will be. Like I've mentioned before, it seems as though her stools are somehow linked to her neutrophils. When her stools are loose and more frequent, she has low neutrophils. When her stools are mushier or formed and less frequent, the neutrophils are normal. yesterday she had two and today she had one. From what I know so far from what has happened in the past, her neutrophils should be great. We'll see.

She had a very good day today. She was roughhousing me. She wanted me to tip her upside down, so she would burrow herself semi-upside down laughing and hoping I would do it. And of course I did. John went home on thursday and he'll be back again tomorrow. I can't wait. I miss him so much and it will be so nice to have him around to help me out. It really is stressful when your girl is teething. I also think that because she spends so much time with me, she has a really hard time even if I leave for a few minutes. Well no, I shouldn't say that. Katlyn is very good at amusing herself, but when she's cranky, tired or not feeling good she wants me to stay put. I don't blame her. I'm the same way. I want my mommy too. I really do miss my mom. I LOVE YOU!!!