Sunday, March 4, 2007

Visit with Sissy

We live a hour drive away from the hospital so it's really hard to commute. I haven't even been home in all that time. I decided that if my little girl was going through this I was going to go through every day with her. And that I have.

After six months of being in the hospital with barely any family contact, Katlyn gets to see her big sister. She acts like a completely different little girl. It's almost like she is showing of for Haley. She laughs at evry single thing her sister does and stares at her constantly. It's just so cute. Katlyn hasn't been around any children at all for that matter. It must be amazing for her to see a little person just a little bigger than her.

At first Haley coming to visit her sister was pretty much out of the question. I just thought it would be so hard for a child to grasp this whole concept. I know a lot of adults have a hard time. We have to gown, glove and mask in order to enter her room. But after 6 months of being here and basically spending more time in the hospital than out, I felt as though it was long over due.
The both seem as though they are having such a great time. I know I am.

And I guess they will always have this. When Katlyn is home and well, Haley will be able to tell her that she can remember her being in the hospital, and was here to visit her.

Yesterday I took Haley to the clay cafe. What a great time. She really seemed to enjoy herself. I think the best part for her was riding in a taxi for the first time. She was just so excited. I had a lot of fun!!!! Thanks Haley.

Well, I better go to bed now. It's way past my bedtime and I have a little girl to get up with in the morning.