Saturday, March 10, 2007

Today was a really wonderful day. It is so awesome to have such an amazing child. Everyday I learn more and more about this amazing little girl. It's great to have a child that looks so healthy on the outside, despite her ADA deficiency. She really looks healthier than most healthy kids. We really are blessed to have such a little trooper for a daughter. Each and everyday is just like getting the best present all over again. I am such a happy mother, who couldn't ask for a better daughter.

Today she ate half of a piece of whole wheat toast. If I would have known how much she would like it, I would have started it awhile ago. I thought she would like English muffins better, boy was I wrong. She just loved it, "mmmm" all the way. I've noticed that her appetite is changing a bit. Today she only drank 75ml of formula before passing out for the night. I'm not worried though. Children at this age seem to get less and less interested with eating, and Katlyn has plenty of reserve. When she tells me no I listen and don't try to push her. I'm kind of hoping by doing this she'll always think of food in a positive way. Also, maybe she'll start to understand the no word and listen to me. ha ha!!!! Yeah right!!! I just wish she'd leave her hearing aids alone. I'm so worried that she's missing too much when she has them out. I don't want her learning and speech to be delayed because she was too stubborn to keep her hearing aids in. It could possibly because Katlyn is going through so much right now that she can't control, and maybe the hearing aids are something that she can control. If she doesn't want them in, she can just take them out. Whereas if she doesn't want to be poked, it still has to be done anyway. I don't know. I just wish we could get to the bottom of this. Apparently, the audiologist will be referring Katlyn to a behavioural specialist. Sometimes they can help children accept things in their life that they need to. I haven't heard anything back yet, but I hope something happens soon.

Right now one of her hearing aids is being sent back because she broke it and the other one doesn't fit her ear properly, so it's constantly squealing. We fitted a new mold for that ear and it should take a week or two before she has that one back. It really is a constant daily struggle. I don't know how other parents don't lose their mind. She really thinks its funny when she takes it out. I'll tell her to give it to me and then when she does I say thank you. She looks so proud when I say that. It's pretty cute, even though she's being a little bugger.

I had a little bit of a scare this evening. I was giving Katlyn a bath. I had her all washed up and I was just getting things ready for when she got out of the tub. I hit the call button for the nurse to bring me some linen and at the very instant Katlyn pooped in the the tub. I surprisingly remained relatively calm. I just took her out of the tub and wrapped her up. I asked the nurse to heat up some more sterile water while I was cleaning up the mess. The hardest part was trying to keep her on the mat while I cleaned up. She wanted to crawl around. So I cleaned everything up and gave her a new bath all over again. Lucky for Katlyn I guess (she loves to take a bath). Well, lucky for me too. I would really have my hands full if she didn't.

Other than that the day went pretty normal. I managed to squeeze in a nap at the same time as Katlyn. On the weekends this place isn't as hectic, therefore relaxing a bit is a little easier. During the week I have to do everything just to try and get a shower in my day. I'm really hoping tomorrow is relaxed too.