Friday, March 9, 2007

Good News

Well we are finally moving in the right direction. I was talking to Katlyn's doctor today to try and get a feel for what might happen. The increased her dose of PEG ADA to not only twce a week, but increased the actual dose as well. She will be gettng almost twice as much as she used to. He said he had been talking with Dr. Aiuti and Dr. Candotti about what has been going on with Katlyn. They both agreed that things are going really great with Katlyn. They recommended we increase thhe dose of PEG ADA and wait another 4 weeks to see what her counts will be.

If she does well we will do some tests on her bone marrw just t mae sure there isn't a bigger problem we're overlooking. If everything is fine they'll go by her counts. If she's 100 and up but not 1500, shhe go to Italy, but if she's over 1500 se'll go to Maryland.

I am so excited. This looks great. I know we have to wait 4 weeks to see what is going to happen, but we've waited this long...what's a little longer. Besides, we still have a lot of waiting ahead of us. We just can't rush this. The right decision will be made by taking the time that an important decision like this needs.

Also, Dr. Issekutz (Katlyn's Doctor) mentioned that her immne system is responding to the PEG ADA. Her B cells are already up which means that with each day Katyn will just be even stronger. This news makes me so happy. I'm nt sure why her neutrophils have had a bad run. It may have been the loose stools or possibly the antibiotics she was on. Let's all cross our fingers this is it.
I am so tired today. I really think the no sleep is reallycatching up with me. Oh wel, I'll prbably get my second wind again (I hope).