Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Great Day

Today was a pretty great day. Katlyn had an appointment downstairs. We used to transport her by putting her in the incubator, but now she's just too big for it, so we had to pt her in her stroller with a plastic weather cover over it. I think that she really enjoyed herself. She kept saying "what's that?"...It was so cute. What a cutey.

Anyway the audiologist notified us that her hearing isn't quite as bad as they first anticipated. She will still have to wear the hearing aids of course, but he needed to adjust them. He explained it as the bass being higher than necessary for Katlyn. I wonder if this is why she keeps throwing them? (Probably because she is one years old.) Oh yeah! The audiologist asked me if I wanted him to refer Katlyn to a behaviour specialist.

At first I was a bit reluctant because he mentioned that sometimes they get children to take pills and stuff like that. I thought that he meant Katlyn might have to take pills in order to keep her hearing aids in. And for anyone who knows me, you know that I dont believe pills are the answer to everything. I just misunderstood the comment though. He meant that they will help children do things that are out of their control, hearng aids sometimes being the thing. I said yeah, of course. I can't wait It is so frustrating to try and ke them in. Most of the time she only has one in at a time because the other one is off getting fixed. It really is just so crazy.

I almost forgot. Katlyn's neutrophils where 1900 today!!!!! I am so excited. This is great. I dodn't have a chane to talk to her doctor but hopefully I'll be able to tomorrow. I really hope we get to go to Italy. Oh everyone, here's some info about neutrophils just in case you're interested because I know I have been talking about them a lot


Also here is a couple of links about ADA SCID for you to read about.