Saturday, March 17, 2007

Easter Shopping

Today was a great day. My friend Jenn and I went shopping and I picked up a few things for Katlyn. Not only was I faced with the problem that my girl can't have a lot of the regular Easter surprises, like chocolate mainly, I was faced with an even bigger challenge. First off, I was buying for a 1-year-old and noticed that most Easter things are targeted towards older children, except of course the stuffed animals. Katlyn is not allowed to have anything stuffed. They just collect dust. It's kind of sad really. The first time Katlyn went in the hospital, at two months old, she got a teddy from her grammy and grampy and has held on to all the time. That is until she was diagnosed. So stuffed anything is totally out of the question. Instead, I found her a Winnie the Pooh bubble maker. I got the idea when the hospital's therapeutic clown was at Katlyn's window blowing bubbles. She loved it. Pointing and say "what's that." I can't really be blowing bubbles in her room because it's germy, but a bubble machine can do the work. Besides that I got her a Easter bucket along with some bath toys. It's amazing how the simplest toys, like a bucket or box, can brings hours and hours of fun for her.

I saw these really cute shoes when I was shopping and was thinking that my girl would look so cute in them. All I kept thinking is that I wish my girl was with me. I wish so much. That time will come I know.

So, today is St. Patrick's Day and we have absolutely no plans at all. It's really hard to just ignore the fact that our little girl is in the hospital going through so much. We have a hard enough time going out to eat for that matter. Who knows maybe we can convince ourselves to do just that. I can remember when this day was nothing but a big party, drinking green beer. Ha Ha!!! Those days are totally gone. Not just that we have a hard time doing things, financially it's hard too. Gas and food are so expensive, especially when you're living in a hospital.

Oh well, we can worry about stuff like that, normal things I mean not so much drinking beer, when our lives are a little back to normal. We do try our best to get out as much as we can just so that we don't go crazy. It really is hard being stuck in the in the confines of four walls, a floor and ceiling (mind you germ-free).