Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sorry I haven't written anything in awhile. There just hasn't been any new news. Katlyn still maintains a neautrophil level around 240. Each day we hope to see her counts go up, but so far nothing has happened. We are being very patient. It is hard because we are just so close and just want our baby girl better. She is doing great though. No issues at all other than her neautrophils being a little slow, which, if you follow Katlyn's story, you know has been an ongoing issue.
The doctors feels that things are good though because her other numbers look great. They also see her neautrophils fluctuate a little bit, which indicates some activity. They feel as though if things were not working then her numbers would just drop completely and wouldn't come up at all. Right now they don't really know for sure what is going on or how long things are going to take, because they are just learning that some ada scid children have problems with there neautrophils (why some and not all, they don't know). This is how things are when you're participating in a research study. Not all things are known, and they learn a lot from Katlyn.
For now they are keeping a very close eye on Katlyn's numbers to make sure she doesn't get too low. Her blood is checked everyday and everyday John and I anxiously await those numbers. Any day now we should start seeing her go back up. We have no idea how long it is going to take but Katlyn is healthy otherwise and happy and as long as we can keep her that way, things are great. It will be so nice when we don't have to worry as much though, and for sure that day is getting nearer with each passing day.