Friday, June 1, 2007

Day 6

Katlyn always seems to be running around with her notepad and either a pencil or crayon.
It will be so nice when we can actually let her walk out the door. She's trying to figure out how to operate it on her own.
Katlyn playing with her grocery cart. If you notice behind her there's lots of coloring on the door and wall. She must have forgot about the notepad that day.
Cute as a button. That's my little Buggy.

So there hasn't been any real news of yet. Right now we are still waiting for her cells to hit their lowest. They must do this first before they can start to go back up. In the past they usually see this happen within 10 days of the chemo and right now we're day 9. As of Thursday her neautrophils were 700 and we expect that they'll go lower by Monday, her next blood draw. How far, we don't know. This process is unfortunately necessary in order to give Katlyn's new cells an unfair advantage over her old ones. So first we'll see everything go down, and then everything will come back up. The first thing we'll be watching will be her neautrophils and then after awhile her lymphocytes. The main focus right now is neautrophils and Katlyn's are doing pretty good. The kind of think of 500 as a milestone or a safety. 500 isn't high, but it's a start.

Everything is fine though. We're just keeping ourselves really busy trying to keep Katlyn healthy.