Monday, June 25, 2007

Do you want something?
me and my daddy
Yeah right!!!!
Daddy and Katlyn dancing
So cute.
Yeah, that was fun!!!

Katlyn's neautrophils were up a bit yesterday to 393 and today they were 333. So things are looking a little up. We are optimistic that things are going great. So today is day 30 post transplant for Katlyn and for now on they will stop taking Katlyn's blood everyday. Instead her blood draws will be twice a week. I think will make things a lot easier for everyone. Instead of watching the numbers so closely everyday and seeing her bounce up and down so much, this should give us a better idea of where she really is.
Katlyn is doing very well. Her platelets and haemoglobin's remain at normal level and her white blood cell count seems to be rising, and as a result her neautrophils are rising also. Her liver enzymes are monitored in two ways and in one way they see the levels have come down after being slightly elevated and in the other they remain slightly elevated. Also, one of Katlyn's heart enzymes is slightly elevated as I believe I mentioned when we first came her, but her doctor feels as though it's nothing to worry about. He is going to consult a heart specialist once again and get his input. There ways of seeing why this enzyme is elevated but the means are invasive, so they would like to stay away from doing anything that may upset the balance of a healthy child. The doctor said if he saw this enzyme elevated in say John, then they wouldn't think twice about it. They would conclude that it wasn't worth investigating because Johnathan is a perfectly healthy person and the particular enzyme elevated just slightly isn't enough to indicate there's a problem worth investigating.
Mind you Katlyn is a special case because of her condition. They just want to be overly cautious, at the same time they don't want to jeopardize her in any way. All the tests that they have done so far indicate that Katlyn's heart is perfectly normal and there's nothing to be concerned about. All in all, they just have to make us aware of everything they know about Katlyn. However, they feel that things are great and we shouldn't investigate this anymore at this time and they're just going to get another opinion to be sure.