Friday, June 15, 2007

Just to let everyone know, Katlyn's neautrophils went up a bit today. Yesterday she had dropped to 309 and today she was 359. I guess this is exactly what Katlyn is supposed to do anyhow. Although she is neautrophenic and it's pretty stressful right now going through that alone, she needs to have her counts drop like this. This way her new cells will have an unfair advantage over her old cells. That is exactly what we want to happen. So it's only a matter of time and Katlyn will not be neautrophenic anymore. The great thing about it is that when she goes up this time it will actually be her doing it and not PEG ADA. Any progress that we see from here on out, will the gene therapy. We are so excited because we know that our baby girl is going to get better and it has already started. There is no more waiting for things to get done anymore. The procedure has been done and it's only a matter of time before Katlyn's immune system is fully functioning. The doctor said we should she lymphocytes in about 6-12 months after the therapy. But just to put every ones mind at ease, Katlyn is doing what she is supposed to do.
Oh yeah, I also wanted to tell a very cute story about Katlyn today. Katlyn was having her nap and she was hooked up to her IV, because they switched one of her oral medications to intravenous because her liver enzymes are slightly elevated (which isn't at a dangerous level. A lot of things could have cause it ex: chemo. They just wanted to changed her medicine to err on the side of caution.) Anyhow, while Katlyn was taking her nap Johnathan and I went to the Children's Inn for a little bit. Well when I came back Katlyn's pump was beeping and I could see the display saying air in line. Well it woke Katlyn up. So she sits up and reaches out of the bars of her crib and hits the restart button to quiet the machine down. It was pretty impressive. There are tons of buttons on the machine and it wasn't even like she was pressing them all. She just hit one. That's my girl. I think she might work at the IWK someday.
All is good though. Katlyn is doing fantastic.