Monday, June 25, 2007

I know I saw that in my book somewhere....
The birds are so beautiful outside, and look at the trees.........
Hi Dad!!!!!
Hehehehe!!!!!! I'm back here!!!!! Surprise.

Today is a great day. Katlyn is doing very well. She has so much energy today and it's so great to see her like that. It's not as though she has lack of energy any other time, it's just that today she has so much extra. That's just wonderful. She is so happy. Daddy has been introducing her to a wide range of music over the last couple of days, and by watching her singing and bobbing her head to Thunderstruck by ACDC, I'd say Katlyn is really enjoying herself. She's such a doll. Yesterday I found her one of those basketball nets that you can put over a door frame etc. Well, we set it up today and Katlyn had no questions about how to use it. She took right off and is playing with it very nicely. She just seems to figure all of these things out on her own. She's really quite amazing. She healthy.
So her blood work is going to be more spread out and will be done every Tuesday and Friday, except for today because she was checked yesterday. So, we'll talk neautrophils on Friday and I feel optimistic that her numbers will be up. I think Katlyn is on the rise now. It was driving us crazy checking them ever day because she would bounce up and down of course. Now that we're checking them less frequently, I think we'll get a better curve.