Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sometimes she just looks at me like, "mom what do you think you're doing.
Oh, Happy baby!!!!
Me and my baby girl.
This is a picture of the NIH Clinical Centre
This is a picture of the Children's Inn where John and I take turns sleeping.

Katlyn has been doing very well but her neautrophils are still dropping. Since the last time I wrote Katlyn dropped to 460 on Sunday then up to 569 and today down to 360. I guess she has to drop before she goes up. I just wish that she would stop dropping already. It really makes us nervous for her to be below 500 because apparently 500 is what they call the safe point. So I know that we are extremely careful anyway and it's probably hard to believe that we could get much more careful, but we could and we have. I bet there may be a huge sigh of relief when we go home, because of all the hounding we have been doing. We are just trying to make sure things are done the right way, and Katlyn isn't in danger because someone was careless. We are her advocates, and we need to protect her the best we can.
She is doing great though. Because her counts have dropped, we have to check her temperature every four hours, and there hasn't been a problem. She is doing very well. I'm sure that she'll stop dropping any day now and then we can get ready to go back to the IWK.