Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Look, a little teenager already.

This place is little crazier this week compared to how it has been since we first got here. Apparently a lot of the children's appointments are scheduled during their summer break, and since school is out, this place is swarming with children. I find it kind of overwhelming. We're just used to everything being pretty quiet around here, especially on the weekends. However, as one of the nurses informed us last night, that will no longer be. I just can't wait until it's time to go home. We are so homesick and we just want Katlyn better. Even if we can't go home home for a bit, that's okay. I think we'd feel better being closer to home anyway.
Katlyn is doing very well. She has had a huge amount of energy in the past few days, which has to be a good sign. Her easting getting back on track also. It's hard to say if she was a little off because of the chemo maybe, or because of her age or maybe she's using it as a form of control. Who knows. All we know is that Katlyn still eats well no matter what and it seems that she's been eating better and better everyday. She was weighed today and still weighs the same as when she first got here, 28 lbs. That is exactly what we wanted anyhow. She needed to catch up to weight with height and that's exactly what she's doing now, plus she's running around like crazy.
So Katlyn's doctor told us today they were going to investigate this elevated heart enzyme further. They are not going to do anything to compromise anything for Katlyn in anyway, meaning doing anything invasive. They just want to be sure it's not anything that's being overlooked. So she will have a consult with a geneticists tomorrow, where he will ask a load of questions, examine Katlyn and order specific blood work. They just want to make sure there isn't anything wrong. There is just so much that they don't know about Katlyn's illness, and where at a research hospital, they want to investigate everything they possibly can about Katlyn. We appreciate it too. Her doctor said this enzyme had been elevated when we first got here and then it went down, and again back up after the gene therapy. He also said that in a normal healthy person they wouldn't be concerned at all, but because Katlyn has ADA SCID, they just want to be sure everything is okay. So it's just a safety measure.
Oh yeah, I also wanted to let everyone know that since we have been here I have found four 4-leave-clovers. That's right, four. That's got to be lucky. They are all in Katlyn's window in her hospital room. It almost seems that when we need it the most I just happen to look down, and poof, there's a four-leave-clover. I know, I know, but you must admit it is pretty lucky. I have found eight four-leave-clovers to date. Seven of those since we've had Katlyn. She is going to be okay. I just know it.
I have Faith.