Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Katlyn is doing very well. Yesterday she had to get some blood work done and her neautrophils were up a bit compared to Thursday. She had been 700 and yesterday she was 820. It's hard to say what's going on exactly. Her doctor said there is still a possibility that she could drop over the next 2 or three weeks. Hopefully, that's not the case and she keeps climbing up. If she still drops then hopefully it's just slightly. Her doctor told us then when Katlyn's neautrophils are above 500 and there is so lymphocyte activity, then we can go back to Halifax. From there it's unknown because it's up to her doctor at the IWK and what he wants to do. Understandably, we do live a 8 hour drive from the hospital.
Her doctor here just wants to get her home as soon as possible because he doesn't want to put her at more risk either at the clinical center or Children's Inn, which of course we can appreciate. I'm so thankful they want to be just as careful as we do. Dr. Issekutz, at the IWK, is a very very careful doctor as well. We trust him and know that whatever he decides is the best thing to do.
All is well though. She looks great and from what I can see, she feels great too. She started to pick her nose recently also. She was standing in the corner very quietly and went over to see what she was doing and sure enough she had her finger shoved right up there. What a little bugger.