Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Since the last time I have wrote Katlyn has been doing nothing but dropping with her neautrophils she went all the way down yesterday to 202. Today was a wonderful day. Katlyn made a big leap up to 360. We really hope this is where she start to keep the uphill direction. Her doctor seems to believe that it is a lot bigger jump than in the past and that the chemistry in her body is actually changing. I really think he's right. Today if Katlyn's number dropped again and she was 200 or less, they were going to give her some GCSF, which is a bone marrow stimulator that would cause Katlyn's neautrophils to shoot up. They don't want to use it if they don't have to because they are not sure if that may slow the process of cell growth long term, or have any other effect. Of course they were going to use it if Katlyn's numbers dropped too low because they didn't want her to be in danger, which of course we're thankful for. But her numbers went up and the G was called off. YEAH!!!!!!
I woke up this morning after Katlyn and I had a really great night's rest and I just had this overwhelming feeling that her numbers were going to be better.
We hadn't really noticed that Katlyn was acting a little off until we saw her go today. She felt so great and had so much energy. It was so wonderful. We just love to see signs like that, because that the first sign that something is going great. That girl didn't stop all day. She was ripping and roaring, singing and dancing all day long until bed time when she drank 4 ounces of milk add passed out. Usually she drink at least 8 ounces, but I'm telling you she had worn herself out.
I hope that she gets another great nights rest tonight and feels fantastic again tomorrow.
Katlyn is doing great. I really believe that we are heading upwards now.