Thursday, June 7, 2007

This picture is Dr. Sokolic, Katlyn's doctor holding those beautiful magical cells that are going to make her better
Katlyn wearing her lucky Dora hat during the procedure.
Dr. Sokolic injecting cells in her.
By the way, it was rock-paper-scissors over who had to video tape and who got to hold Katlyn, and I lost of course. The moment was just so surreal. Katlyn now has two birthdays.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this video and pics on here of Katlyn's procedure. I just had to make sure that her doctor was okay with me putting it on here for everyone to see, since he's in it too. He was away for awhile, but everything is fine. So here you all go. The actual procedure took about 40 secs. Imagine that. The amount of time that we have put into preparation and it only took 40 sec. Well I'd say that 40 secs was one of the most important 40 we'll ever know.
As for an update on Katlyn I just needed to tell everyone that she is doing fantastic. The doctor's were expecting one thing to happen and hoping for another and Katlyn is doing more than they can hope for. She is great. Her neautrophils as of Tuesday were 820, which means that she had gone up. Now she was supposed to get blood work done today but they switched blood draw to Fridays. So we'll have a better picture tomorrow. She had some research blood drawn this week and there was some great ADA activity for this stage, more than they were expecting. So the doctor told me that according to the protocol they have to keep her here until day 30. If by that time she has no problems with her platelets (which she hasn't, knock on wood), her neautrophils have to be above 500 for at least 4 blood draws and her neautrophils can be declining anymore, than she will be able to go back to the IWK. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait. It's a lot closer than we anticipated and we are so excited. So our girl is doing fantastic. The doctor actually said that what they are seeing is textbook gene therapy. YEAH!!!
Thanks everyone for all your praying and kind words. It definitely makes this time a little easier knowing we have such great support, not to mention that we have little trooper Katlyn surprising everyone.
We still have a long road ahead of us, but we are definitely making progress.