Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So Funny

One of the most hilarious things I have ever saw just happened. Katlyn has one of those plastic lawn chairs, you know the ones. They are completely plastic and all one piece. Well hers is the same, only a lot smaller. Well, I was sitting hear clearing up her supper that she wasn't interested in eating when I heard some grunting noises. I looked over and Katlyn was sitting in front of the mirror with this chair over her head. She had her head right where the back and rest of the chair meet, yeah the arm meets there so it's like a big hole in the chair. Anyways I sat there thinking okay Katlyn you can get out of that. Come on girl. So she tried and tried then she got really upset so I went over to investigate and help her out. The holes are pretty big so I didn't really think it was going to be a problem. Well I pulled, and I turned her head and pulled a few times and realized she was stuck. I hit the nurse call button and when the nurse asked what I needed I had to say "Katlyn has her head stuck in a chair and I need some help. She asked what I said so I said it again and she said she'd be right there.
By this time Katlyn was getting pretty upset. I told her she might have to stay like that forever, with her head stuck in a chair. She didn't like that. I was in tears because I was laughing so much. I decided the best way to handle it was to keep her calm so we started to read a book, sitting in front of the mirror with her head stuck in a chair.
The nurse came in and assessed the situation. She held Katlyns ears while I carefully pulled the chair off her head. She was so happy she started clapping. The poor little buggy. The nurse said she couldn't even understand me but decided I must need her for something and decided to come quickly. She probably couldn't understand me because I was all the way across the room and laughing. It really was just so cute and I'll never forget it.