Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day +110

Day +110 Not many changes today. Katlyn continues to do well. She is trying her best to keep busy and pass the time. It's really hard for her not to think about food. She is so hungry. She had a peripheral iv placed on Friday and it was removed today, so instead of her having two separate lines, everything will be going through her port. This makes me so happy because I hate peripheral ivs. No news about anything from the scope and biopsies yet. Hopefully no news is good news. We are just so focused on the day to day and Katlyn feeling better. Her nausea and belly pain seem to be down, but in the last few days she has been having terrible migraines. They are nasty too. Tylenol does not seem to do much and morphine has been used most times. Today the morphine doesn't seem to be doing much. This picture is Katlyn learning to cross stitch. She picked it up very easily and seems to enjoy it. I also wanted to mention that I do have a group on facebook set up for Katlyn. Its called prayers for Katlyn.