Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day +109

Day +109 still no word back on any results from the scope yet. Katlyn is doing so good though. She is super smiley most of the time, except for moments when she gets frustrated with not being able to eat. Right now I am allowed to give her some chicken broth, and a little bit of jello, a couple crackers or pretzels. Let's just say, she has been chewing a ton of dessert gum. Her output is way down now. This is very good because by giving her gut a break we are actually getting a direct positive result. She is also currently on antibiotics which will discontinued soon, so hopefully that helps too. I think that it will be a slow process when we do start to give food again. I imagine we will slowly introduce stuff that is easy on the gut. Katlyn is doing her best to keep busy but its hard. She does get a little stir crazy now and again. We are extremely grateful to our friends Jennifer Cox and Mark Cox for making us some delicious food and showing us so much support. They were so kind to bring Katlyn some stuff to do and a ton of movies to watch. We spent a lot of time with this family in the hospital when Katlyn was a baby as their son was diagnosed with SCID as well.