Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day +104

Day +104 Well it has been an extremely long and tiring day. So many tests and so many specialists. Everyone trying to answer the puzzle of what is wrong with our little girl. She did have a consult with GI and it looks like they are wanting to do a scope maybe friday to see what is going on. It can be a number of things going on including the norovirus, another virus, meds or gvhd. The night was so so long and stressful. She had moments of huge fluid loss (like over a litre) and then she would have chills. This terrified me. Her poor little body was just trembling and her teeth chattering. Each time I asked the nurse to come check on her and each time all of her vitals were fine. They did decide to stop the bicarbonate infusion for now and her blood did continue to normalize. It's still acidity but hopefully it neutralizes soon. Also her electrolytes, white blood cell count and platelets seem to be stable. Her hemaglobin was dropping but seem to be leveling out. Her coaligation has dropped since recieving the vitamin k supplement, so is possible that may have been caused by her being malnourished. I know we are in the right place but I am so sad that she has to go through this. Katlyn has been through so much. I know this is just a bump in the road and we will get to the bottom of this but it still sucks. My heart really aches for her. We try to look at the positives but it's so hard when you look at her and see her not feeling well. She was in good spirits most of the day. Also we have noticed she is coughing less today. Hoping for a restful night and hopefully an even better days tomorrow.