Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day +103

Day +103 So we just met with Katlyns woderful doctor. He agrees that there is definetly something going on with Katlyn. He is going to order her some vitamin K as he suspects that Katlyn is not absorbing nutrients properly and she has become malnurished. We suspect that the norovirus is the culprit., Katlyn tries so hard to eat well and the constant belly pain, nausea and weight loss are definitely disconcerning. Sh is in the right place though. I hate that she is in the hospital, but I feel great relief knowing they will get to the bottom of this and she will be okay. By the time we go here yesterday evening it was obvious to us that she had become very dehydrated. Usually Katlyn loses a lot of fluid anyway because of the norovirus, but she started antibiotics on Saturday, and she is losing way too much fluid. There is no way she can eep up with this. I can see by looking at her input and output that she needs to be supported by iv hydration for sure. Words cannot even come close to expressing how scared I am right now. I have been trying to stay focused on all of the positive but it is so hard when she feels so unwell. We have had so many sleepless nights lately worried about her.. I just want our baby girl to feel better. I trust the team here. I know they will take good care of her.