Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day +106

Day +106 So we still do not have a lot of answers about what is going on, although I believe we are getting close. They do have Katlyn re-hydrated now and she will start getting total parenteral nutrition or TPN. It looks as though Katlyn is not absorbing much from her food from whatever is going on so the TPN will allow them to give Katlyn all the nutrients, electrolytes and proteins that she needs. A feeding tube would not work for Katlyn because all the feeding would still go to the gut where there is a problem. This type of feeding bypasses the gut and goes right through her veins. This will take pressure off her too when she is not feeling good. She will get proper nutrition and she won't have to worry. We won't have to worry. She really does not have any more room to lose weight. They are also going to try and give her as many of her medications through IV as well. Yesterday Katlyn was prepping for a scope so she was unable to eat all day. This was so difficult but she did very well. She was wait listed for the procedure today so we really had no idea what time of the day she would be going. The nurse guessed it would probably be the afternoon. She did get called to go late this morning which was great so that she didn't have to wait any longer to eat and drink. The procedure itself seemed to go well, but we still have not got any information for us. We will wait. I imagine they will be able to at least tell us what they saw soon, but they did take a lot of biopsies and of course those will take time. Of all the procedures that Katlyn has ever had, I think I was most scared for this one, even though she had it before. She is in such a fragile state that it really make me nervous. She was eating pretzels and talking away about what she remembered before the procedure and them putting her to sleep, not very long after she woke up. What a little trooper. So here we are. They do tons of tests and blood work often and lots of specialist keep coming to see Katlyn. Everyone is trying to piece together what is going on. One thing that we do know for sure is that Katlyn's kidneys are full of kidney stones. So they are giving her potassium citrate to help break those up. This may be the reason for the blood last friday. I'm not really sure how long Katlyn will be hospitalized but right now I just don't care. I need them to make her healthy again. She is slowly brightening up, but I know she still has a long way to go.