Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day +99

Day +99 so we just got home from spending the afternoon at the hospital in fredericton. Katlyn was peeing blood which is super scary. The doctors first suspicion was her platelets so we were prepared for her needing a transfusion but to our surprise the platelets were higher then they were on Wednesday. They are still not in the normal level , but they are coming up, which is encouraging. So next we looked at liver function and got a urine culture and checked katlyns coagulation, which is the process of blood clotting. Katlyns number does indicate that she will bleed easily. Also her vitamin k was low, which I'm scared means that she is not absorbing fat but it would explain why she keeps losing weight even though she eats. Also Katlyn did test positive for bacteria in her throat, from a sample that was taken on Wednesday. So we have started her on antibiotics and have been given direction to bring her home and keep our eye on her. If She starts bleeding from somewhere else (and this really scares me) to bring her back. Otherwise we are told to bring her in on Monday for repeat bloodwork. Meanwhile the culture might grow and show an infection. Katlyn gets lots of fluid so it's unlikely that, but it may be an infection, gvhd, medication or something else. We need prayers! !