Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day +104

So the gi specialist stopped by to let us know that katlyns small intestine and large bowel do look enflamed. They looked definitely bothered but benign. We need to wait until next week to see if the gut tests positive for a virus or anything. Hopefully it does not. One theory from her doctor is that it may be that Katlyn is not absorbing the proper nutrients to support her including healing her gut, and so we got this flare up out of control and her body doesn't even have what it need to try and heal. So with that being said, hopefully as she gets more nutrition and less irritants the gut heals and stabilizes. The hemotologist said that the situation doesnt look like gvhd to him but we will know more when the study is back. Katlyn is going to start to get most meds iv as well and some of the meds are not compatible, so unfortunately she has to get a peripheral iv placed. She is in good spirits though. She is such a trooper.