Friday, April 6, 2007

There nothing really new and exciting to report. Now we just wait for our date. I am so excited and can't wait. Our little girl will have a chance at a normal life. Well, I shouldn't be so quick at saying that. I believe that Katlyn is a very special girl and is going to continue to amaze us always. She's only 14 months old and can already do puzzles. I just found this out a few days ago. The Child Life play friend of Katlyn's, Debbie, mentioned that Katlyn was an extraordinary girl. She plays with pretty much any toy you put in front of her, but she finds the older children's toys much more amusing. We think they're a better challenge for her. I knew she was smart, but puzzle smart already. Like I said she is amazing.
She can walk too, but she is really taking her time with it. It's almost as if she is perfecting it before she really takes off. I have no doubt that if we were home and all was well living a normal life, Katlyn would be walking already. It really is amazing that despite the isolation she is still developing at such a rapid rate. Nothing seems to hold Katlyn back. She just adapts to an situation it seems. And thank God. We are so lucky to have such a little trooper. She is never going to be ordinary. I think that we will have a very outgoing and enthusiastic child. She will probably be very laid back and easy going, not letting a whole lot faze her. I love her so much. We are so lucky to have her.
All is well health wise. The stopped the antibiotics that she was taking as a precaution for her tooth that is giving her trouble. It still hasn't broke through the gum yet, but it doesn't really look infected either. We also have to take in account the other things that accompany antibiotics, like loose stools. I just hope the tooth breaks through soon. Her gum is so huge and sore. We have been using Tylenol and Orajel often to give her a little bit of relief. And yeas of course, the Popsicles. I was thinking about it one day and decided that teethers are just to germy, but a sealed Popsicle should be okay. I ran it by the nutritionist and she said it was fine. I found some really good ones by Del Monte. The are individually wrapped Popsicles just the right size for Katlyn. Not to mention, she love the mango, strawberry and raspberry tastes.
I did a little bit of reading up on Bethesda, the National Institute of Health and the Children's Inn. It all seems very nice. We're not really sure about what is included in our stay with Katlyn, but we know we will be staying at the Children's Inn right across the street. I know it is a non-profit organization, but the Ronald McDonald house and Point Pleasant Lodge are too and they still costs money. Next week I'm going to try and smooth out all those details. It looks like a very nice place though and it's close proximity to the hospital is defiantly an advantage. They have a slide show on their website at I recommend checking it out. It looks amazing. At least we know that we'll not only be close to the hospital, but at a nice caring place too. I hope that the cost is part of the research project or little cost to us. That's my goal this week, to find out details about our stay.