Sunday, April 29, 2007

Katlyn is doing very well today. I think that she's starting to think she doesn't need to do anything we tell her. ha ha!! She is a little bugger. Today during her intravenous antibiotic Miss Katlyn decided that she was going to start some trouble. She split the line in two. I couldn't believe it. I had to quickly re gown myself as she decided to do this. I was hurrying as fast as I could and Katlyn was laughing at me in hysterics. She has been into everything today. Playing with plugs and trying to run in the hall. It's crazy. The days really go by so fast because she keeps us so busy chasing after her. She just wakes in the morning and before you know it, it's time to put her to bed again.

John told me about something really funny that she did today. He was sitting on the bed watching his race and Katlyn was playing on the floor. She was on one side of the bed and then she wasn't. He could her laughing like crazy and before he knew it she was on the other side of the bed. She had crawled underneath the bed. What a crazy little girl. That cuddly little Katlyn that everyone used to know is changing before my very eyes. She wants her independence. She wants run free around this room and she refuses to let anything hold her back. I love it.

Today she tried pizza for the first time and I really think she enjoyed it. She really enjoyed the piece of carrot cake that followed. We don't really give Katlyn sweets so I decided that today would be special. Every little girl needs a little sweet stuff sometimes. She loved to stick her finger in the icing and lick it the most. Mmmmm.....all the way. I love her so much. It's so hard to believe that with how much I do love her that I could love her anymore, but I do every moment. I fall more and more in the with who she is and who she is becoming, even if she is bad sometimes. Ha ha!!

Sorry the pictures I posted were a little dark. I'm just figuring out our camcorder and how to take pictures. The ones I took today are a lot better. I'm going to replace the video as well because it's not as dark as the previous one.

I'm feeling about the same. Not really in that much pain, but I am uncomfortable and I'm really excited that Tuesday is so close. I'm sure that there will be no problems this time because we got a pre-approved letter from the insurance company. Thank goodness.

John seems to be doing well too. He is tired but seems to be adjusting to the change well. At first we hated it and just wanted to go home, but now it's not so bad. The going home part hasn't changed though. However, we know that we have to stay here and get her gene therapy done in order to have her healthy and home, where she needs to be. Well I better go. Katlyn has a big problem when I'm not completely devoted to her. She can't stand it when I'm busy typing on the computer. It's really funny, the rest of the time she barely pays any attention to me anymore. John went to the Inn to fire up the barbecue because we're grilling chicken tonight. So Katlyn has to go to bed now and in the morning the dentist will be visiting her because I noticed there was a little discoloration on one of her teeth. I'm not sure why, but hopefully we'll find out tomorrow.