Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Katlyn is doing very well. Her neutrophil count yesterday was 2000 and 1500 is in the normal range, so that is great. She is as crazy as ever, giving her mommy and daddy a hard time when it's time to sleep. She didn't want to nap today. After two hours of trying, we threw in our hats and let her stay up. She was a pretty tired little bugger too. Now dad is trying to get her to sleep. He has had her to sleep twice already and I think he's getting a little frustrated because our supper is waiting. What a little turkey. Like I said she's your typical 1-year-old. I love her so much.

So we will be taking off for Maryland in less than a week and we're pretty excited, but my nerves are getting a little rattled now. Right now we are pretty comfortable at the IWK. This has been our home for the past eight months and I must say we're in our comfort zone. It's going to be a little crazy trying to adjust to a new hospital, new people, and basically a new way of living. I imagine that a lot of things will be different. We'll adjust nicely though.

It is really going to happen this time. New Brunswick has charted a plane to take us there and so hopefully both Johnathan and I will be able to go will Katlyn. Maryland has already purchased a flight for John and it will leave out of Presque-Isle ME, which is a little unfortunate since he's here in Halifax. I guess if that is what we have to do then he'll just have to go home. Life Flight called today to find out our weights and everything, and they're thinking we'll both be able to go. Here's hoping that we'll at least find out asap, so John has enough time to get home if need be.

We had a phone interview will Buffy, she the head nurse in Maryland, today and she seems great. We are so excited. The days are really going by pretty quickly. Before we know it we'll be on a plane arriving in the U.S. Finally, Katlyn is going to have a new chance at life. It's so wonderful!!!!