Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hello Again

I know probably everyone that follows Katlyn's Blog is wondering where all the pictures are. Well, there's actually a story behind it. Right before we left Canada I dropped our digital camera. I think it's totalled. Anyway, it's not the end of the world because we have a camcorder too. Well I just figured out how to work it and take still photos. I have been taking pictures all day, and Johnathan took some really great footage of Katlyn walking yesterday. So anyway, today I went to upload all this stuff on the computer and it wouldn't work. John then informs me that our software for the camcorder is at home. That's a bummer. So I was thinking about what we're going to next and I think a card reader will do the trick. Who knows but we're going to try anyway. I just want everyone to see how great Katlyn looks. She looks amazing. She has got a lot taller and skinnier too. Don't worry though. It's not for a bad reason. She is losing some of her weight from running around this room all day long. That child never stops. From the time she gets up in the morning, until the time you lay her down to rest, she wants to play. I think it's so funny because she runs around with this little Dora lunchbox. ha ha!!!

Katlyn is doing really great. I talked to her doctor this morning about drawing so much blood from her. He said that the reason they have needed so much blood is because of her infection. They need a larger quantity of blood to see if anything grows. So we have agreed on blood draws every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He told me that she will also be getting a lot of blood taken during the time of Chemo. There is no fear right now that Katlyn will become anemic because her platelet count hasn't changed at all. Although, during her chemo she may need a transfusion because it will affect her count. He told me that he will always explain himself fully about anything at all, and if he feels that Johnathan or I are leaning in the wrong direction he will strongly express his opinion. He said he only has Katlyn's best interests in mind. As long as we have that in common, we'll do just great. He is a very nice doctor. It's really amazing how smart he is, and how he can still come down to our level.

So let me tall you a little about this place. The weather is beautiful It is like our summer here. Everyone here finds it really cold and I am just loving it. The only thing that I fear is that it's going to get hotter and hotter and I'm not used to that. I will probably be spending a lot of time indoors during that time. You should see the equipment around here. Right now I am sitting in bed in Katlyn room with the flat screen television hanging in front of me and I'm typing in computer mode. It's so nice. Oh yeah and the IV pumps here are pretty neat too. They are touch screen and are equipped with light so you can tell by looking in Katlyn's window if the pump is running fine. Green means good and red means for some reason this are halted. The elevators talk, they have their own bank, several cafeterias and a barber shop to name a few things. They also have a shuttle service to ride you around the compound. And yeas of course. The NIH clinical centre building is the largest red brick building in the world.

I like where Katlyn room is situated. She has almost a whole wall of windows and we're on the ground floor and there are lot of trees just outside her window. She loves to look out there. It really is something. The even have a light outside Katlyn's door to let you know if something is wrong with the pressure in this room, again read and green. We're starting to get to know some of the nurses and some of them are very nice. I'm glad we're getting more comfortable because I think we're here for a long stay and it's nice to be able to tell them how you like things done....just to make things a little more comfortable. I know John is driving them crazy from breathing down their necks watching their every mood. ha ha!!!!

I promise I will post pictures as soon as I possibly can.