Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey Everyone. I just wanted to give a little more of an update. We are starting to see how things work at this hospital. This place is amazing. They have state of the art equipment and the it seems the best...well...everything, but they are missing probably the most important thing in my eyes. This place is so cold. It's not like the IWK with all the smiling nurses and caring people. Trust me when I say there's no little shindig by the nurses station late at night. It just doesn't happen. They are very professional here. They're here to work and get their job done, and it mostly seems like that's the way it's going to be.
I miss Debbie so bad, I know Katlyn does too. I met the recreational therapist at the hospital here and she was so distant, she wouldn't even look me in the eye. She came in to meet Katlyn and I could tell Katlyn was having a hard time warming up to her too. She had the stranger radars on all the way around. I thought it would be important for her to meet with Katlyn for the first few times with John or myself there. Well, after about 2 mins I decided that she was not going to come in everyday and spend that hour everyday doing god knows what. She told me that she couldn't really remember how long it's been since she's played with a child young like Katlyn. She was basically looking at me for guidance in the room. It wasn't long after I let Katlyn's doctor know that our idea of recreational therapy was different. We were looking for ideas ourselves...we already know what to do...just tips on teaching Katlyn in such an isolated atmosphere (what Debbie did). I think here the RT is more a break for the parents. I 'm sorry but if it's not in Katlyn's best interests, than there's no need. Sure, we will still have the RT in our life, but in a different way. I'll just basically let her know what kinds of toys I'm looking for and such.
OH MY!!!!!! I almost forgot!!!!!!
KATLYN STARTED TO WALK YESTERDAY!!!!! It's was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Now she walks everywhere you don't want her to. LOL!!!! When you put her down on the floor she never stops. She's pulling cords out of everywhere. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!