Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Today was a barrel of fun. Katlyn was a riot. I just love her so much. The date is really creeping up on very quickly to go. We just can't wait, we are so excited. Oh yeah, Katlyn's neutrophils were 3500 on Thursday and she will get her CBC done again tomorrow. I'm positive everything is going to be fine. And her gum looks a lot better. I was putting some Orajel in her mouth last night and and it felt tighter and sharper, so I took a look at it with fight from Katlyn and noticed the gum looks pretty normal. There is no more blueness and it's not all swollen. It actually looks just like a normal tooth coming in. Yeah!!!!
Easter was great. Katlyn makes everyday in my life so amazing. She is the greatest. She couldn't have chocolate, so we gave her a Popsicle and she just loved it. She couldn't have a stuffed bunny, but she got two and a stuffed lamb for later on, and we just found her some bath toys and a bubble maker. She loved them. As soon as she saw the duck she was saying "duck" and "quack quack." I have to say it was so cute. Happy Easter everyone!!!!