Monday, July 9, 2007

See what that girl is up to. Playing with buttons again.
Sneaky, Sneaky.

So the doctor came in this morning and gave us some very exciting news. The reason why Katlyn is immune compromised is because she has a mistype in her ADA gene. The ADA gene
produces an enzyme called adenosine deaminase that is essential for removing toxic metabolites from her body. Because Katlyn has a faulty gene, the toxic metabolites remain in her system and destroy lymphocytes, and thus is why Katlyn has no functioning immune system.
When Katlyn first entered the study her ADA activity was at an abnormal level around 0, where 60 units is normal. Some of the research blood that they took earlier in the week indicated that Katlyn now has 30 units of ADA activity.
When they inserted a new ADA gene into Katlyn's cells, the new gene should take over the old genes work and correct the problem. As her new ADA gene takes over, it should clean out the toxic metabolites and therefore her lymphocytes should be safe. Her doctor seemed very excited that Katlyn is showing signs that the gene therapy is working.
We are so happy. Katlyn seems to be doing very well. They weren't sure they'd actually see anything at this point, so this is great news. Our girl is going to be okay.
Clinically, Katlyn is doing very well. She is acting like a typical two-year-old, meaning the terrible two's have arrived. That child has become so expressionable all of a sudden. She can stick her bottom lip out almost a foot. Okay not a foot, but you get the idea. She has a lot of teeth now, I've really have lost count just so you get the idea. However, more are on the way. She seems to be drooling buckets again and she was a little fussy this evening. She great though.
Tomorrow morning Cole's mother Jenn and I have an interview with CBC Radio. It will be a taped interview, so I will let everyone when it will air, as well as have a link on her blog.