Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just to bring everyone up to date. Katlyn is doing fantastic. He neautrophils were up slightly on Driday bringing them to 496. It's slow but it is still progress. They will be doing some tests for anti-neautrophil antibodies just to make sure that say the IVIG isn't interfering and making things harder. Katlyn's personality is fantastic though. She is eating loads more and she's just a little power house running around the room. Lately, I've had to strong desire to paint Katlyn's toenails but Johnathan won't let me. So a few days ago I coloured them in with a purple washable marker. She loved it. It also helped for her to learn toes. Now she is always looking down at her feet and my feet saying "toes." Besides that she will be playing with a marker and will attempt to colour her own toes. So she'll have her toes all scribbled on. Oh well. It's washable and she is really enjoying herself. She actually very artistic. The walls at the hospital are completely covered in crayon, pencil and marker. Johnathan picked me up some magic erasers today because it was starting to look like a back ally in her room. I have never actually used one myself but they are great. It is magic!!! All that crayon comes right off without barely any effort.
So aside from things going really great with Katlyn we have been going through quite a bit of unrelated to Katlyn's health stress lately. The insurance company notified me the other day that they were not going to pay for anything related to me being sick with the kidney stone after April 20th. It's nice that they are paying for the stuff before the 20th, but the stuff after is still $7,000. It's insane. It really seems so unfair. We did everything that we were supposed to do in checking to make sure we had travel insurance before we came here, and learning what that meant for us. We wanted to be prepared just in case anything happened to either of us. When I got here and got sick, I kept the insurance company update to date all the time and they never gave me any indication that anything was wrong. It actually seems as though they just wanted to get away without paying for it. The only thing I can gather is they contacted John's employer and asked them what the status of their employee was, to which they probably indicated he was on a leave of absence, and in return he was taken off the policy. The unfortunate part is we were never notified. The amount of times I had checked to make sure everything was fine before I went for an appointment, and reassured that everything was fine and it still went wrong. We just got caught in some kind of unfortunate loophole. The hard part is paying that money back. Neither of us are working in order to care for Katlyn, and really we both are needed. We have been going on the generous support of our community. The Social worker here is looking to see what can be done on this end and my aunt is trying to work something out in Canada. It's really unclear as to what is going to happen, but we are trying to remain calm. Things are going to work out. The main thing is I'm no longer sick and Katlyn is doing so great.
I guess what they say is true. IT COULD BE WORSE, and it always can.
Those of you who have been praying for us, Thanks so much! Your prayers are greatly appreciated and needed to help us through all of this. Our girl is going to be okay. I can feel it in my heart. She is taking baby steps, but it is still progress and she's moving in the right direction. In the direction of getting better.