Saturday, July 14, 2007

Katlyn's neautrophils have dropped again as of Friday. She was slightly over 300. I don't really know what to say about it. We're not really sure why, other than the fact that Katlyn has always had troubles with her neautrophils. I think that her body just needs to adapt to what's going on. Her body has never done any of this on it's own before and we just need to be very patient. Her monocyte count went up, which by my understanding is good. I believe they will soon turn into lympocytes. I have to talk to Katlyn's doctor tomorrow to know for sure. The doctor that was covering told me she wasn't an expert in this field, but she wasn't concerned. I'll just speak with Katlyn's doctor and see if I can't get a better understanding.
Katlyn is doing very well though. She back to eating well again. We had to basically go backwards with her food, feeding her basically only baby food. Although she still is eating some baby food, she's starting to venture into the solids again. I think that is a fantastic sign. She's very happy too. Always laughing, playing and just having a great time. Since she got her hearing aids back she has been talking a mile a minute. It seems as though there is something wrong with one of the aids, maybe the feedback button isn't turned on, so I'm going to send that one in to get fixed on Monday. It's amazing, Katlyn doesn't take them out anymore. Sometimes I see her reach up for one, but she's just pushing it into her ear. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!
Katlyn doesn't have blood work again until Tuesday, so hopefully it's up and I have some good news to update. I do have good news though. Katlyn has had her gene therapy and there are small signs that it's working. As time goes on, we will see stronger evidence, but for now we know that something is working in her immune system. Her ada activity this early on is great.