Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 43

Tomorrow is blood work day. I'll keep everyone posted. Oh yeah and CBC Radio called me this morning and asked me if I'd like to do an interview about Katlyn on Friday. I'm not sure but I'll post the information as soon as I know. Katlyn is doing very well. Her appetite has been a little off lately. I don't think anything is wrong, I think it's just either her age or a form of control. Who knows. We're managing though. We rotate her supper with spaghetti for one spoon and strawberry jello for the next.
She is getting smarter and smarter everyday. Today she had a great day and was full of so much energy. She started to say "oh, man."
The other day I was at the flea market in Bethesda and I came across this little wooden Buddha. So of course I had to bring it to Katlyn for luck. Well, she carries Buddha around with her everywhere. She loves him so much. This morning John woke up to Katlyn saying "hi Dad. Hi Buddha." It really is very cute. It's not lightest piece of wood and she lugs it around everywhere. Well, I guess Buddha weighs nothing compared to the flat of 12 bottles of formula that she was lugging around another day.