Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 63

So you may have noticed that I have added a little you tube window in Katlyn's blog. The songs that I add here are songs for my dear little Katlyn. I find that these songs completely hit the spot and I just want to have them together so I can let her listen to them. Also so I won't forget.

Katlyn is doing fantastic. Her neautrophil count was 652 yesterday which is a great sign. Although she has dropped a few times, time trend is in an upward curve. You can tell she feels great. She just has so much energy. It's just makes us so happy to see our little girl doing so great. Everyday you can really tell that she feels just a little better.

Her lymphocyte count was 108 too. The doctors want to see her over 100. The third requirement is to have her T-cell activity at 10,000 and as of the results last week, she was 7,000. We should get the results from last week any day now. It's a little more difficult to just look up the results because it's not even done here and therefore it's not in their computer. So, we're just waiting for the doctor to let us know. He said that as soon as Katlyn is 10,000 and her neautrophils are over 500, she will be able to go for a walk outside. I just can't wait. I know she is going to be so excited. You should see her now. Just outside her window is a little courtyard and she always wants us to hold her up so she can see the birds in the trees. She gets so excited when they take off. I can imagine that one we take her out those doors and that fresh air hits her, she will be so happy. And that moment is just around the corner. It's so amazing. I know we still have such a long road ahead of us, but we make progress everyday.

The doctor mentioned today that once Katlyn's T-cell activity comes back at 10,000 or above we can start to make plans to go home. It's incredible. I asked both doctors the same question; "If her neautrophils are over 500, her lymphocytes of 100, t-cell activity at 10,000 and there's ada activity, will you feel confident in saying the gene therapy is working?" Both doctors gave me fairly similar responses. They both feel as though it's already evident that it's working and really the true test will be in the future when she gets sick or gets immunized.

Isn't it incredible?

Besides that our life still remains stressful. Things are still not sorted out between the insurance company. Today I don't care though. I just look at my little girl and think nothing else in the whole world matters. Katlyn is doing fantastic and that is all that matters. The rest are just small details and they'll work out in the end.